Why I am the best MyOutDesk Rockstar VA

I have always been curious about what kind of career a Virtual Assistant would be. In this generation wherein social media is more influential than any person who held higher position in the world, people are now being represented virtually in a not physically existing world. The demands of online interactions multiplied a million fold and there’s no stopping it.

And then I asked myself, what’s in it for me?

I have been a social media addict since Friendster days. Then Facebook came which amazingly connects me to my long time and distant childhood friends and relatives. The connection is vast that even just through photos and videos, you get to rekindle the past and bring them to future. And then Twitter came and all other social media platforms bringing in different missions to mankind.

I can’t help to think about how I used to send snail mails to my bestfriend and get a prepaid card to call them up on a phone booth. And all of that now possible in just one click away online.

I also am a bookworm who prefers to buy hard bound books (because I love the smell of them!) rather than reading them on ebooks. But as much as I wanted to write (I’m a frustrated writer lol!) the old fashioned way (handwritten), I preferred to put my fingers to work on a keyboard (not that I’m lazy, but can be though haha). I grew fonder in interacting to other people using various online platforms. Then I get to share what I can do and what I feel.

This, my friends might be one reason why I am interested to join MyOutdesk. Who say’s you can’t be passionate about being online at the same time work? A new VIRTUAL working environment, meeting new friends and be able to help and assist our future clients of what they need. Just what I need.





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