Life of a Real Estate Agent


We define Real Estate Agent as a person who acts as a liaison between a seller and a buyer in a real estate transaction. These are people who are into sales and have acquired license to become a professional real estate agent.

Real Estate Industry is very unpredictable but the stakes are high. It takes one competitive and dynamic sales person to be successful in this kind of field where it also requires you to wear more hats to complete a deal. But nothing is more rewarding than helping someone find their dream home and you responsible in making that dream come true.

Do you have what it takes to be a Real Estate Agent? Let us take a peek on a one typical Real Estate Agent’s life.

Meet John Doe, a licensed Real Estate Broker, and 30 years old and has been into this industry for 10 years. His day starts as early as 7:00 am – an hour early to prepare himself from the days morning rush and be oriented with the recent buzzes about the real estate. Yes, it is said to be unpredictable right? What a good way to start the day by knowing where the current market is at today.

The next thing happens fast from checking voicemail, emails, generating lists of prospects and go over with today’s checklist – this while having coffee (a much needed caffeine rush to wake him up).

He works in a Brokerage Firm wherein a lot of agents like him aggressively run through their daily tasks list. Before they can get start off with their schedules, kick off meeting is conducted as reminders, where the team is at in hitting targets and other progress. Then off to the schedule.

Typically, there’s always scheduled meet ups with prospect buyers and some house previews. But before going out, he makes sure all scheduled calls are attended to. It takes a lot of planning and patience to go over your day.

As an agent, they are not just focus in sales. To be able to do that, they first must be their client’s counselor, financial adviser, also educates and at times a life coach. Dealing with houses is like dealing with patients. Your relationship with them must be established with trust and care.

Agents may spend some considerable amount of time outside the office, moving from one location to another and back to the office for administrative tasks. This is the time wherein he gets to complete all drafted documents for his clients. If there is a nearing closing deal, he works double time to collect necessary documents and contact a few before the closing.

house dealA good wrapped up – all systems updated, marked off some tasks on his to do list for today and needed documents prepared for next day’s signing. He must stay organized; a trait a real estate agent must have all the time. Time is their enemy, so they must be productive at all times.

End of the day, went home just in time for dinner and spend bed time stories to his 2 beautiful kids.

Life as a real estate agent might be demanding but for 10 years mastering the ins and outs of the industry, sure it took him time to manage everything, but with complete passion in his career, he surely does everything positively in a stride.


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