Evaluating your Home’s Resale Value




Whether you want to start up a new family or enjoying another page in your life, purchasing a home is a great investment. Before you even stepped in to your new home, you might be wondering what the best resale value of your home is someday. Here we share to you some factors we might want to consider that might affect the resale value of your home.

The Best Location

locationYour home’s location is the top-selling factor in the market. Home Buyers will always consider that on top of their list. Most of them preferred a central location wherein all your basic necessities is a one walk away. These includes schools, hospitals, convenient stores or workplace. One factor also that may influence a buyer’s interests is the easy access to public transportation but not too close to high-traffic area which may devalue your property in the market.

Your Property’s View

Who wouldn’t want an appealing view to live with? Your home’s view creates a big impact to future buyers. From a lovely patio and huge lawn area or a variety of green bushes that relaxes one’s eyes may capture the heart of a buyer. A house is never a home if you are not in love with it. The preferred view may vary depending on your location but it surely is the first to be captured by our eyes.



Your Home’s Layout and Size

This is considered a critical factor in its resale value. Depending on the home buyer, the primary need they are checking on is the number of bedrooms. The lay out and where the bedrooms are located, the living area and the access towards the rest of the rooms. If you have a huge master bedroom then that’s a plus on the resale value. Your kitchen also needs to be as organized as your closets. Those details which add up to the value of your home is very important.

If you don’t have that curb appeal in your home, most likely the resale value will go down. Another factor to consider when one buyer walks in to your home is the anticipation of costs of possible renovations of the home. Think about the costs of fixing the entire fence and high maintenance yard.




Of course, security is important for every home buyer that includes knowing what type of neighborhood you have. Consider the crime rates, cultural differences or even not maintained next door’s yard may kept your buyer away. History in your place that affects the reputation certainly will have an impact on resale value of your home. Most people don’t want to live in a place wherein you are always threatened by the people around you.

The best effort you can ever have for you to make big in reselling your home someday is TLC – Tender Loving Care. Address any issues with your property that is within your control. As early as now, know the how to value what you have in your property and consider future enhancements part of your investments.


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