First Home Buyer: Where to Start? Tips for First Time Home Buyers Deciding


Deciding on your first home purchase but had no idea how to start? Here are some tips for you. Create a checklist when identifying your special housing requirements. This serves as a guide for you as you choose your ideal home.

Desired Size of your Home

• How many are likely to reside in your house
• How many bedrooms do you need
• Do you prefer a separate bathrooms or joint ones?
• How many bathrooms you need?
• Do you need a separate room as your personal office space?
• Do you need a parking space and a garage?
• Do you need a spacious backyard?

Amenities in your Home

• Do you require a special storage space?
• Do you prefer to have a fireplace?
• Is bath tub part of your requirement?
• Do you need a direct access to a swimming pool?
• Do you need air conditioning facilities? Specifically in which rooms?
• Are you an environmentalist looking for energy-saving features facilities?
• Do you have an elderly staying with you that requires special access
• Do you have children that requires a room or other facility?
• Do you prefer a spacious open type kitchen or dining area?
• Do you require a closed fence or an open front space?
Location of your home
• Do you prefer to reside in a town, county side or city?
• Do you need recreation facilities within walking distance?
• Is it important for you to have access to public transport or a convenience store?
• Do you prefer a school nearby for your kids?
• Is it part of your requirement that you are near your workplace?
• How close do you want to be with your family?


• What kind of neighborhood do you prefer?
• Is it safe in your neighborhood? Do you feel secure?
• Is it safe for your children and elderly to walk around?
• Does your neighborhood have proper sidewalks and adequate street lights?
• Is your neighborhood subjected to heavy traffic?
• Do they have special rules and regulations that you need to abide by?
• Are you comfortable with the environment that surrounds your place?

Maintenance of your home

• Do you have ideas on the possible expenses your house may incur in time?
• Do your house need immediate repairs?
• Have you inspected the condition of the plumbing and electrical systems in the house? Are they safe?
• Do you need to maintain a lawn or backyard that requires a special mower for the maintenance?
• Can you afford to sustain possible repairs and simple renovations?
• Can you manage to maintain a swimming pool should you require one?

Now that’s a whole lot of items on your checklist there. As the lists goes on and on, do not forget the most important factor in the home buying process –MONEY. Consider this purchase as your investment that you don’t want to go wrong. Take it easy, decide on it and make sure how much money you can afford to invest in that you still have plenty left in your emergency fund.

Be wise! Happy Shopping!


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