Little Known Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell More Top Dollar

staging homes

If you are selling your home, consider this stage important in home selling process and is considered crucial to the eyes of prospective buyers – the STAGING phase. Staging is showing off the qualities of your home that will eventually add to the final selling price. Here are some tips on how to stage your property to sell more TOP dollars.


While battling about how to emotionally detach yourself from your house, it is for the best that you take out or keep your personal things away for the staging phase. You need to welcome the buyers picturing themselves as the future owners and not you. Anything that is related or connected to the previous owner may distract buyers to get that “feeling” of owning the home with their own families.


Maximize and de-clutter the space in your home. Clear all your closets, organize and maximize the amount of open space so potential buyers will be enticed on how spacious your rooms are. Add more visual impacts that may attract the buyers (or maybe giving them the idea) how nice it is to design the place that way. A quick and inexpensive way to improve the appeal of your space such as bedrooms is to use color coordinated tones and neutral gender colors.


Clean, clean, clean. Paint your walls, scrape off dirt from windows, clean your floors and everything that becomes an eye sore to the buyer. This is the cheapest and inexpensive staging tips you’ll ever do. One of the key areas any buyer is attracted to in buying a house is the –Kitchen and Bathroom. Clear countertops (leaving only the essentials), make the space look larger and open. Put on a new towels on your bathroom. Create an inviting aroma and a spa-like feel. If you haven’t renovated these areas, well at least make them look like new. Remember that, these areas are places for buyers to be won over or — lose them.


Remember the key areas buyers are eyeing after? It is best to invest on a little
updating touch ups and modernize the designs of your home. Unless your place is newly built or just within exceptional period built-ins, your place can benefit from some updating. If potential buyers felt your place is dated, that may reflect on the offer price which may be lowered than your final price. It doesn’t need to be costly, a little repainting will do or replacing of old wooden boards with silver or stainless steel. Appliances should go along with the look. Create a bigger space by removing extra carpets or rugs also chairs.


Color can make or break a prospective buyer’s interest in your property. It’s a great deal that comes as a package of the entire property. Think of it as a gift wrapper that wraps around your entire key areas. Painting may bring your home to the next level, just updating its colors and done! Bring lightness in your living room. Make it appear wider through its color. Dining room must be appetizing (color wise) as this is the room where everyone eats. Your bedrooms again should be neutral gender colored. Every tiny detail you use must complement each other. But do not over accessorize as this may cause color confusion. Always remember, a simple hue can make a big difference in staging your place.


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